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Danger at the Door

By Sarah Dixon

City life is not easy for all dogs. For the outgoing canine “extrovert” it’s a walk in the park — new friends and adventures around every corner. For the more reserved or fearful dogs, however, it can be a nightmare.

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In a Human World: Consent, Autonomy, and the Emotional Wellness of Companion Dogs

By Erin Jones

The human-dog interspecies relationship is unique: dogs and humans have evolved alongside one another, sharing the same environmental niche for thousands of years. Dogs have the ability to interpret our slightest gestures, read our facial expressions, and respond to the subtle tones in our voice. Because of these invaluable abilities, dogs have been bred selectively to benefit our needs. Despite this, not all human-dog relationships are positive. In order to understand why some relationships fail, it is important to first disentangle the underpinnings of how these relationships affect all members.

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Cooperative Care for Canine Cataracts

By Tori Ganino

Bilateral cataracts are a condition that many dogs face as they age. While most do not see a reduction in their quality of life, this was not the case for Jeter, a 9-year-old terrier mix. After observing that he had low contrast sensitivity causing him to walk into items when he was in very bright or dark environments, I had him examined by an eye specialist, who decided that surgery would be the best option for him.

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