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Using Cannabis and Cannabidiol (CBD Oil) in Dog Training and Behavior Work

By Helen Prinold

The continuing legalization of cannabis has led to a growing number of CBD oil products available for sale in the pet market, where sales have quadrupled since 2017. Dog owners are increasingly using these products for their dogs, and may be seeking advice on their use from their trainer or behavior consultant.

    Cat Division

    How To Talk About…Adding More Litter Boxes?

    By Dilara Parry CCBC and Sarah Dixon CDBC

    As trainers and behavior consultants, we’re often tasked with telling clients things that they might not want to hear. We’re experts in knowing what needs to be said — in identifying behavior challenges and creating ways to address them — but sometimes we can all struggle with how to say it.

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    Horse Division

    Developing an Agitation Rating Scale for Horses

    By Sharon Carroll

    I have ridden horses for over 40 years, successfully competing at 3-star eventing and grand prix dressage. I have been an Australian representative rider and an EFA Level 3 coach. My many years of coaching, from amateurs through to elite-level riders, has taught me a lot about how and why horses become agitated ...

    Shelter Division

    Training Shelter Dogs for Conservation Detection Work

    By Kayla Fratt

    The San Joaquin kit fox is a small endangered species of fox that lives in Mexico and the southwestern United States. Its scat is small — these foxes are only about 5 pounds. The almond-sized scat pellets are usually the same color as the desert ground. Biologists struggle to get an accurate census on these small foxes, even using camera traps and intensive human surveys.

      Working Animal Division

      Environmental Cues in Service Dogs

      By Matthias Lenz

      Navigating one’s daily tasks isn’t always easy — especially while living with a disability. Fortunately, there are service dogs that can be trained to do all sorts of tasks for their humans, and make significant improvements to their handlers’ lives. They might open doors, pick up fallen items, comfort an anxious person, or guide a blind person around obstacles.

        Parrot Division

        Helping Pet Store Parrots Live Their Best Lives

        By Adrianne Mock

        A parrot is an iconic part of a pet store; many people have strong memories of visiting pet stores as children and being amazed by a big red macaw, or delighted by flocks of colorful lovebirds. Even now, many companion birds are bought after a visit to a store that sells everything from dog beds to fish food — not from specialist breeders, or even after consultation with expert staff.


          What Is a Relationship? Lessons from a Warthog

          By Kate Wilson

          I heard a soft, high-pitched whine with an ascending tone from our 5-year-old female African warthog. I looked at Sophia, to see her stopped, stiff and still. It was early evening, and she was out for a walk with me and another trainer as part of her enrichment program. Her companion, a male warthog named Piki, was also harnessed and exploring alongside her.


            Cooperative Care for Canine Cataracts

            By Tori Ganino

            Bilateral cataracts are a condition that many dogs face as they age. While most do not see a reduction in their quality of life, this was not the case for Jeter, a 9-year-old terrier mix. After observing that he had low contrast sensitivity causing him to walk into items when he was in very bright or dark environments, I had him examined by an eye specialist, who decided that surgery would be the best option for him.

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